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I though id start this by introducing the farm and how we started . The farm was started because of a run ! Back in 2014 I owned a house with my then partner in Earl Shilton ( Leicestershire ) and worked at a hospital in Birmingham as a Sister on a busy ward. At weekends I would go for a 5 mile run and we would often pass some alpacas in a field . I had never really seen them before and i was amazed by there strange appearance - think they felt the same about me ! I think alpacas look like God found a load of spare body parts from other animals and put them together.

I really envied that little farm with there caravan at the top looking down on a field of alpacas and always stopped for a look.

At the beginning of 2014 I became ill and needed 6 months off work to recover. During this time I happened to run past the alpaca farm and the owners were standing outside. We stopped to ask them about the farm and it turned out my partner actually knew the brother of the owner. We had a long conversation about how they started and why. I was amazed that they had just sold everything to live with alpacas! Somehow during that conversation I offered to help the owner with some husbandry tasks so I could get spend time with the alpacas.

The following week i had my first hands on experience with an alpaca. I was hooked !!

Alpacas are gentle creatures who are curious about everyone and everything around them. They make a soft humming noise to communicate . They love so sniff you. They love to get up close and personal and i fell in love with them. ......


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