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Who is the alpaca experience suitable for ?

 The experience is suitable for all ages. The walk is at a leisurely pace on flat ground. We have had ages 0-99 who have enjoyed themselves.

My child wants to do the experience but i dont , do i still have to pay ?


Yes, all children under 13 years old HAVE to have a paying adult accompanying them and im sure you will end up enjoying it as much if not more than the children.

What age is a child ticket for on the alpaca experience ?


A child's ticket is for under 13s who must be accompanied by a paying adult. Under 3s go free.  Children will share their alpacas with an adult..

What does the alpaca experience include?


 The experience includes meeting, walking, feeding alpacas and meeting all the other animals . There is time to feed everyone at the end and you can stay as long as you like.

What does the Meerkat experience include?


The meerkat experience includes meeting , feeding and interacting with the meerkats . It also includes meeting the other animals on the farm with the opportunity to feed them as well. It does not include walking alpacas however that can be added on for a charge.

What does the Donkey experience include?


The donkey experience includes meeting both our miniature and rare breed mammoth donkeys. You will groom them , walk them and feed them . It also includes meeting and feeding the other animals on the farm.

What age is the meerkat experience suitable for ?


The meerkat experience is suitable for children of 3 years and over and adults. All participants will need a ticket. Children under 13 will need to be accompanied by a paying adult. 

What do I need to do and wear on the day?


Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your experience as late arrivals may not be allowed to join an experience in progress. Please be aware that the experiences are all weather - therefore its vital you wear weather appropriate clothing. Please wear good footwear as the fields can get very muddy in wet weather.

What if the weather is bad ?


We run the experiences in all weather so please be sure to wear appropriate clothing. Please do not call if its raining and expect to rebook, just wrap up warm ! On the very rare occasion we have to cancel due to the weather, we will inform you via email and offer the opportunity to rebook free of charge. Please be aware that, in these events, we cannot be held responsible for any extra costs (such as travel or accommodation).

Can I get a refund if I cancel ?


 All tickets are non-refundable. We will try to rebook you on a different date to suit if you give us 72 hours notice.

   Can we bring our dog along ?


No we do NOT allow any visitors dogs onsite although our own dogs will be around. Alpacas do not like dogs they do not know.

     Do we need to book ?


Yes booking is essential . We do book up very quickly so its  best to give as much notice as possible to get the date and time you require.

     We have a voucher , how do we book ?


The easiest way to book a voucher that has been bought directly from us is to book online. If you are booking a third party voucher ie. BUY A GIFT you will need to email a copy of the voucher to us with a couple of dates that you are free to come along and we will do our best to accommodate you . We normally require at least 72 hours notice to book.  Please note we CANNOT guarantee dates will be available especially during busy periods and no booking will be confirmed until voucher codes are sent to us. 


   We are going to arrive late ? 

If you arrive more than 5 minutes later than your experience time we CANNOT guarantee you will be able to join in. We will do our best to get you onto the next available experience however if we are fully booked you will not be able to join a later one. 

Late arrivals will not be able to get a refund or book for another day.

Please note phoning on the day of your experience to say you will be late does not mean you will be able to join a later group.

It is the responsibility of the customer to arrive on time.

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