Lucky Tails Care Farm


We are now accepting new students

Lucky Tails Community Interest Company was set up by Sarah in 2017. She wanted to open up the farming experience to people who might not otherwise have a chance to visit or work with animals. 

She decided to develop Lucky Tails Care Farm which is a welcoming, friendly place where adults and children are supported to carry out a wide variety of activities based on the farm. 
- CEVAS trained and follow the CEVAS code of conduct. 
- Safeguarding trained for designated safeguard leads (DSL). 
- Fully insured. 

What We Do

On a typical day we would start by doing the daily feeds. This consists of travelling around our 5 acres, meeting and feeding animals as we go. During our feeds we take time to pet most of our animals to keep them human friendly.


once the feeds are done it is usually time for lunch. After lunch we clean any pens that need cleaning and complete any husbandry that needs to be done. After all of these tasks are done we have time to do some DIY based activities. 


At Lucky Tails we try to make the day as meaning full and as interesting as we can. With the help of the students we find and make projects to be carried out. in the past we have renovated an old lawn mower and our next project to try is a folding bench.