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Come meet our little donkeys!! On our experience you will meet and greet with our donkeys, give them a lovely groom, feed them some tasty treats, take them for a walk and then finally fill their treatballs for them to have some fun.

Our donkey experiences make the best gifts for an animal lover. The experiences have a maximum of 8 people per experience and take place outside. We also accept parties of 10 as a block booking, making this experience perfect for childrens parties


These are the stars of our farm and if you need to an alternative to watching TV these cheeky guys will give you hours of entertainment. There inquisitive natures mean you have to get creative. They love to play whether it be with a toy or each other. Treat balls , exercise balls and many other items will keep them entertained. They love the company of people. Our Donkeys will always come over and say hello and hope you have some goodies for them. We are currently training them how to walk on a lead properly and we hope to train them to lift there hooves on demand.


Donkey Facts

Miniature Mediterranean donkeys originate from the islands of sicily and sardinia. they were used to power grinding stones and carry supplies into the mountains for the people who lived there.

The donkeys were imported to america as pets and soon became popular in the southern states of the USA. most UK miniature donkeys have been imported from breeders in america. 

In the UK in order to have a pedagree miniature mediterranean donkey, you should register it with or it should already be registered with the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Association

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