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Residential Home Visits

Our Experience

Our care home visits are completely unique to other experiences.


You can choose whether we bring a couple of alpacas or miniature donkeys. 

Why Alpacas?

Alpacas are known for their therapeutic properties and ours are no exception. We spend a lot of time training and handling them to ensure they trust us in any situation, as a result they are quiet and nicely behaved. They love an afternoon out meeting new friends. The visit is aimed at residential and nursing homes where the alpacas are really good therapy. Residents can stroke the animals and feed them or just sit and watch them. The visit is suitable for all age groups and ranges of mental capability. We also bring items for the residents to see and feel;such as yarn, and fleece.

baby paca

Why Donkeys?

Our donkeys are minitures making them ideal for home visits as they are small and less scary for residents that might not have had much contact with them before.

Research has shown that spending time with donkeys has enormous therapeutic benefits.

Donkeys are naturally calm animals and we have spent a lot of time getting them used to different environments and people.Their slow and steady presence gives a feeling of security and comfort to the poorly, the elderly and those feeling vulnerable or suffering from emotional difficulties.

Residents can touch, groom and cuddle donkeys which is a great social facilitator, allowing the residents to relax and feel a sense of nurturing and connection.

How it works

You give us a call or email and we will help you to decide which animals you want to visit your home. We will arrange a time and send you all the information you will need for the visit. Just call 07753333784 to discuss availability. 

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